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Why You Should Advertise with Us

Guaranteed Global Traffic: With thousands of members and visitors accessing our pages every day, our website’s traffic flow continues on a twenty-four-hours-a-day and seven-days-a-week basis. This means that all adverts on our web pages are guaranteed to get noticed by netizens throughout the period of your advertising subscription with us.

Professional Services: In order to provide our community the best techniques and strategies on web-listing, is being run by a team of information-technology experts. Rest assured that all adverts will be handled by our team using the most productive advertising tools and strategies. In partnership with a trusted search optimization firm, we promise to deliver to all our clients transparent and positive statistical results.

Affordable Advertising Packages: Our clients may choose from an array of our affordable advertising packages. We also provide consultations and recommendations on which ones are most suitable to their budget and their web traffic requirements. For interested clients, please send us the following details so we can provide you a quotation of our advertising services:

Your full name:
E-mail address:
Contact number:
Company (if client is representing an organization):
State or province:
Zip code:
Product or website to be promoted:
Preferred advertising tools:
Campaign brief:
Ideal duration of advertising subscription:
Target countries:
Additional comments and inquiries:

Advertising Terms and Conditions:

1. Client’s Obligations: The client should comply with the following requirements stated in the terms and conditions of the advertising agreement. Below are the information he is expected to disclose with the advertiser:

1.1. Full name, birth date, home address, company address, contact number and e-mail address, tax identification number, and bank details. The client is also required to submit a copy of his business’ portfolio and a formal draft of his advertising campaign.

1.1.2. Falsification of personal and business information in any manner is strictly prohibited by Violators of this clause shall be evaluated by the advertiser for appropriate legal sanctions. Any legal sanction shall comply with the laws governed by the state where the contract shall be notarized.

2. Advertiser’s Obligations: As the advertiser, is expected to comply with the following obligations stated in the terms and conditions of the advertising agreement. Below is the list of’s advertising obligations in detail:

2.1. shall have full disclosure of advertising strategies with the client.

2.1.2. The strategy disclosure includes transparency in the SEO keywords used, the advertising time frame, statistics on targeted territories, and other demographics.

2.1.3. The strategy disclosure includes all outputs and analyses conducted during the entire period of the contract. Results must be presented to the client on a scheduled basis.

2.1.4. In compliance with the strategy disclosure clause, the advertiser is prohibited from publishing any advert without the client’s final approval.

3. Payments:

3.1. The client shall settle his fees for the advertising services according to the payment terms written in the contract. The advertiser has the right to resort to appropriate legal action should there be a violation in this payment clause.

3.2. The advertiser is prohibited from placing any amount of hidden charge to the agreed advertising fees with the client. Additional service fees shall only be implemented upon the client’s approval.

By reading the terms and conditions stated above, and by sending us a request for quotation, you agree that you have understood’s advertising policies.