What Can An SEO Company Do For Your Business?

By | September 20, 2016

Search engine optimization(SEO) is important for any business if they want to boost their rankings in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


But SEO entails more than just keyword frequency and density. Likewise, you do not have to set up an SEO department to do these functions. You can outsource the job to an SEO company.

Here you’ll discover things that an SEO provider can do for your company:

Initial Research, Audit, and Analysis

Before providing their services to your company, SEO companies will conduct initial preparations.

They are well aware that what worked best in one of their clients may not exactly apply to your business.

There are too many factors that may come into play and so they will need to resolve them first. This stage of search engine optimization will usually involve the following:

Keyword Research:-

This involves identification of keywords that will generate the best results for your company.

This is usually the keyword that is not heavily targeted by your competition.

Google Analytics analysis:-

The SEO firm will conduct a review of your past performance using Google Analytics or other web analytics tools which could show positive or negative trends and opportunities for improvement.

Google Webmaster Tools Analysis:-

Likewise, the firm will also conduct a review of your history and present status in Google Webmaster in order to bring to light possible technical problems in your website.

Link Profile Analysis:-

Link building is now a practice that is penalized by Google. SEO companies will help clean up spammy links related to your website.

Site Audit:-

More often than not, the SEO provider will conduct an audit of different SEO factors such as website and webpage loading speed, URL structure, internal links, title tags, Meta description, and others.

This will also include other metrics outside of rankings such as conversion and profit.

Initial Optimization

Whatever will be the results of the first stage will lead to both one-time and ongoing SEO activities.

This step in search engine optimization will involve the following:

Website redesign:-

In extreme situations, a complete redesign of your website may be required.

This may be necessary if the company found your website as outdated, has poor conversion and poor code, or if fixing everything costs much more than starting from scratch.

Code Overhaul:-

Even if redesign is not necessary, there may be a need for a code overhaul to make your website more SEO friendly.

As to the extent of the overhaul, this will depend on some details but will usually range from light cleanup of the code to a complement replacement while keeping the current design.

Link Removal and Disavowal:-

When the link profile analysis reveals a huge number of poor quality inbound links or even a penalty, then it may be necessary to remove as many links as necessary by contacting webmasters or disavowing irremovable backlinks.

Link Building

While some SEO services are one-time activities, majority are continuous in nature. Link building is one of them as there is a need to provide fresh links to keep your website updated. Building links may involve the following activities:

Link monitoring:-

The optimization company will track the links and make sure that you will not become a victim of a negative SEO attack.

This is an important activity, especially if the inbound link provided can give more value through modification.seo_banner_1

Competitor Research:-

By monitoring the SEO activities of competitors, the SEO company will get the chance to learn new strategies.

Brand Monitoring:-

When your company is mentioned, it should always point to a link to your website. However, if this is not the case, the SEO firm will locate the person who mentioned your company will ask for the appropriate link.


The SEO provider will also target other activities in order to promote your content and build links. This can include guest blogging and others.

These are just some of the things that a SEO service provider can do for your business.